Love Life, Live Life. Here’s to Life!

A fusion of cells result in a living mass

of potential and hope, gift from God

growing, each second life beckons,

No identity,

yet a spark ignites,

It fights to survive, to thrive, stay alive,

A stream of red feeds, nourishes, flourishes,

Growing stronger,

feeling claustrophobic,

It knows it,

trying to close it,

failing to expose it,

Rushing emotions

tied down by contortions,

Air around blows life abound

inside that cave of comfort and devotion,

Motion beckons,

movement stirs.

Realisation of existing,


Intellect stirs,

tuition from body, mind and soul,

Curiosity grows,

bestows a fresh outlook on surroundings,

Sounds abound,

patterns evolving,

language astounding,

Throbbing of life almost complete,

Just starting out,

life awaits,

what to give?

The journey,

almost complete,

Let’s wait and see

for new breath

to comfort and soothe…

(c) Salamander

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