Each and Every Breath

Shine On Scott! Keep inspiring us!


Every breath
is pure bliss –
an inhalation
of cosmic debris
sent from the source
to coat the lungs
with vibrations of light.

Every new dawn
is a miracle –
sunburnt radiation
pulsing from the sky
to singe the flesh
with encoded DNA
from ethereal realms.

Every touch
is electric –
skin kissed
by God’s presence
in a holy union
of enlightenment
accelerated through the soul.

Every whisper
is a song –
celestial sirens
humming the frequency
of heaven’s tune
with fiery chorus
from the lips of angels.

This is an unpublished poem written a few days ago. Just a short little piece with a light and fluffy energy to counterbalance the bleak apocalyptic prophecy of yesterday’s fiery verse. We must, after all, keep the scales from teetering too far one way or the other.

My poem “Yawning Stars” is included in the new August issue of A Long Story…

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