Bread and Circus


Pay no mind
to the Pied Pipers
spewing that noxious nonsense
left and right

hanging by a memory
and fading fast
on the tired wings
of a broken eagle
in a dying empire

Jagged little edges
bleed out
blue and white
with crimson chaos
from the ruptured heart
of an overwhelmed system
built no better
than a house of cards

An ivory tower
made of glass
sure to shatter
from the stones
by fate alone

Destined to fall
since the first sin
in the garden

Made a deal
with the wrong side
of the scales
and karma
never fails
to hit the damned target

So say goodnight
and say goodbye
as the shroud of shadows
which you have hidden within
are dispersed
by the burning light
and your soul is weighed
against the feather
for final judgment

You thought
that you
were in control?

ha ha…

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