Here is another gem from the #aapstrak collection after my SA poetry debut accompanying the abstract art of Casper De Vries. What do you see in the painting? Which images flash through your mind? I am inspired by any image or idea to grab my pen and start writing unil I #floatonpoetry

A33363 ABSTRAK3 (2) Galaxy

My intergalactic belly has echoes of Monet,

A melange of colours lead dead stars astray,

My infinite existence reach deep past millenia,

I absorb foreign objects in my expanding lair,

I am cosmic ripples of time,

My creator unknown, some say divine,

Driven by strange scientific forces,

I still undergo an everchanging metamorphosis,

Extreme forces my fiery fuel,

My own nemesis,

Ignited by an unknown entity,

My rage resulting in an earthly deity,





Tectonic shivers,

My playground expanding,

I am the gurgle of raging forces,

Invisible energy catapulting me

into an atomic fortress,

Schitzophrenic reactions reveal

another dimension,

My life-giving force resulting in complications,

Microscopic activity,

biological longevity,

Colours exploding,

Solid matter exfoliating,

I am omnipresent and potent

yet holding charge of life abound,

My rumblings result in cosmic ecstacy,

I am and forever will be,


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