Midnight Halo

Once again I am inspired by a unique poet of our time! Scott, you are inspirational!


details, details –
to a fine point…

to implosion
pulling back
unto itself…

to entropy
its last inhalation…

to a lapsing moment
as time expires
for evolution…

Angels with the voice
of midnight
bleed halo-shimmer songs
from out the shadows
of their dark tithe
spilling love
not riches
into the light

Demons with the curse
of doubt
filling their fallen minds
cry until they weep
wail and gnash their teeth
as golden light
their tomb

A poem prompt response for:

#MadVerse 421
#DSpoetry 277
#Magick_Words 147

Issue 4 Part 2 of The Fat Damsel is now out. I’m thankful to have my poem “Steady in the Storm” included…a piece that originally appeared earlier this year at Dissident Voice. Every issue of The Fat Damsel so far has been well compiled by the various guest editors. Zelda Chappel was at the helm of Jane Burns’ ship in this…

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