Full Steam Ahead…Open Call for Blog Links


Night falls heavy
beneath a velvet lavender sky
Cotton candy clouds
puff open to weep like willows
Liquid honey gold
draining from the crystalline source
Precipitation in melted waves
caresses skin as a soothing balm
Gone the malady of worry
Gone the sorrow and remorse
Something joyous this way comes
pulsing primal plasma kisses
Cradled comfort maple singsong
soothing from the lips of sirens
The lost art of love
helping to heal a cracked apathy
Anticipation of future acceleration
lit up in translucent neon signs
Flashpoint of the high peak
riding the tide of absolution
A pound of forgiveness on the scale
weighed against karma’s inclination to release
The soul is saved in heavenesque grace
with sweet whispers of divine fate
Shoving along a manifest destiny
to reach the edge of no turning back

Open Call for Blog…

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