Interview (Originally appeared at Profiles in Poetry)

Meet my litarary friend and burning the poetry midnight oil, Scott Thomas Outlar, a booming voice of these times!


In October of 2015 I was asked by JD DeHart to give an interview for his site Profiles in Poetry. The site has since gone into a state of limbo, and I’m unsure whether or not it will be going back live at any point, so I thought it would make sense to republish our conversation here at 17Numa…

What drives you to write?
A source of (infinite and eternal) energy at my core that (constantly) seeks release. A desire to have my words appear in front of other sentient human beings’ eyes (androids and clones are cool, too). A belief that what I have to offer might be received well by my fellow writers and artists, and possibly even the wider general public (though I don’t hold my breath). An aching concern deep in the marrow of my bones that knows all too well that the institutions of…

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