Two Poems…March Publications…Fair Warning


Simple Shuteye
Perfect peace
in a dream
where she dances
with a smile
from here to eternity
and a gleam
in her eye
that promises
will be just fine
upon the wake

A few weeks have passed since I last posted here at 17Numa. Deep breath.
March has been a month of much convergence. Alignment. Nuclear fission at the core of absolution. Eruption.
It is the role of the poet to show that chaos births order. That’s one hell of a millstone to carry around. I have a lot of friends who wear it with grace. It’s a good time to be alive in this day and age. Have faith and know that there is a light which will never be snuffed out.
Two reviews for “Songs of a Dissident” have been released in the past couple of weeks. Many thanks to…

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