Soul Mates – Author Adam Levon Brown

Another booming voice of these times!

Creative Talents Unleashed

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation Photo Credit: ImageZoo/Corbis

The ink that spills from my pen …

Is the very blood that flows from my heart
beating its way through my body and soul
expressing every tiny thought and feeling
that courses its way through me.

I write to express… and in putting word after word,
I have succeeded in my duty as a poet.

I have made others laugh,
I have made others cry,
I have made others question the very foundations
on which their strongest beliefs are held.

I consider myself a strong success.
If I only wrote to impress magazine editors,
I would surely be at a loss.

Thank you to all who read my poetry; and remember that you’re taking a little bit of my soul with you every time you read one of my poems.

You are now a soul mate.

Do not take this in a bad way;
Souls are…

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