Girl sitting down on paper
My Name is Anushka


After a long absence, I am ready to share my successes with you yet again. I have recently concentrated on monthly dedicated publications, as time does not allow me anymore to produce weekly submissions.

Please check out my debut publication in GloMag edited by the lovely Glory Sasikala from Chennai India,with uber talented 3D artist Shameeg Van Schalkwyk from Heideveld in Cape Town, South Africa. He is destined for greatness but sadly the South African art scene does not know about him or they have not taken any notice!

I give you…

My Name is Anushka

I can’t hear the birds deliver

their morning symphony

anymore – Tumbling emotions

cause crippling contortions whilst

brittle memories play false

chords in various sessions

buried confessions –

Voices drift on the wind

perhaps a new friend

or my elected fiend.

I cannot tell –

Lying here

in my self-pity hell

my innocence stolen

self-pity swollen

slowly disintegrating

just another empty shell

ravished by his insatiable

passion – My doomsday

love lesson.

Surrounded by azure allure

and cream screams – My

very essence untimely ripped

my womanhood stripped

my resolve ill-equipped

my spirit clipped

ready to float

my essence growing old –

Hoping for the breeze

to whisper my name

soothing my shame

so if anyone should ask

after her – Remember me

my name is Anushka…



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