Debut Collaborative Ekphrastic poem with Jonel Scholtz

Here is my debut collaboration with renowned and uber talented South African artist JONEL SCHOLTZ in her debut publication in GloMag May 2016, an ekphrastic gem each month edited by Glory Sasikala from Chennai, India. I give you…

Pages 74-76

Cinnamon Prayer

If I could wear your spicy

essence each and every day

I know I will not go astray

but only your daily echo illuminates

your fading halo – No more early

morning kisses from my heaven sent

missus, no more tears of joy just

to hear you say hey, as I leave

for market day, blowing your

honey blossom kisses my way.


People still nod sympathetically to

me, even our rival stall enemy –

can you believe he reluctantly

offered me his best ruby red watermelon ?

I just proudly smile, honouring your

memory whilst sipping your favourite

cinnamon tea – infused with

loving melting reverie – Only the

aromatic presence of you prevents

my ginger grieving ; my daily solitude.


I still wear the clothes you

mended, however much faded – each

brush of cloth against my parched skin

always gets me asking – Am I still your

cinnamon king ?


I am surrounded by you – each spice

and herb reminds me of you – The cinnamon

filled crevices in my hands burn for you

I sometimes think I glimpse you over

there but then I just recite my daily

cinnamon prayer…

Don Beukes © 2016


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