Writing Tip: Make Your Words Dance

Creative Talents Unleashed

Photo 7Is your writing stale? Does it need a jolt of energy? Maybe it is time to get out of that comfort zone and experiment with all aspects of poetry. There are a plethora of poetry forms and styles to play with. Poetryfoundation.org has a tremendous list, with a descriptive glossary of each. So grind those pencils, pull out a napkin, coffee filter, or anything else you can write on, and get ready to brew some poetry. Give your words a dose of caffeine to perk those poems up.

Blend ACROSTIC with CONCRETE poetry. Let them tango with a twist. Pick your words, shape them, and create a canvas engraved with the tale of two lovers in bliss.

cemetery-769751_960_720.jpgLet ALLITERATION be a permanent affliction into an EPITAPH. It would be a dreary waltz of words woven into whispers where the dead lie. Unpleasantly haunting are the harrowing poems hovering above the graves…

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