Cape Flats Actress, Denise Newman Celebrates The Life Of Anti-Apartheid Heroine, Dulcie September By Cheryl Roberts

Another successful product of the ‘Cape Flats’ in Cape Town South Africa where I am from. A place carved out of the engineers of the Apartheid regime who forced ‘coloureds’ or mixed race people to go live in cramped squashed hurriedly built housing in a vast area of the coastal plains of Cape Town in the Southern and Northern suburbs with colour train lines to match, keeping blacks in the townships, coloureds in their own areas and whites only in their leafy suburbs…


denise newman denise newman

Dulcie September Dulcie September

Cape Flats actress, Denise Newman isn’t just a ‘trained actress’, of stage, film and screen. This Cape Flats actress is a performer with a consciousness that never betrays freedom, justice, humanity. It’s no wonder then that scripting a life story and performing it live, about legendary anti-apartheid activist, Dulcie September would be undertaken in her lifetime of bold, dazzling and deep theatrical performances.

‘Cold Case’, which premiers at the National Arts festival in Grahamstown, is not just another story about another human life. It’s a stage production about a woman who gave her lifetime for freedom of oppressed South Africans and who never got the chance to smile when freedom day dawned and ushered in the democratic society.
Dulcie September, grew up in Stellenbosch, became a struggle activist and fought apartheid and oppression in South Africa. After bannings and harassment by the apartheid regime’s vicious security…

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