Selfhood: Varieties of Experience

My poem Je Suis/I am was selected for the ‘Selfhood’ Anthology by TZP

Transcendent Zero Press

These poems were selected for inclusion in the Selfhood anthology. Thank you to all who participated!

River—Lynn White

Faultline—Bonnie Emerick

American Nightmare—Jim Landwehr

English Teacher Attempts a Haiku—Katherine Sanger

Naked—Lana Bella

Benevolence—Sandra Kolankiewicz

Witch Hunt—Jennifer Lagier

Only Years from When She Held a Doll—Lyn Lifshin

Madness: A Schizophrenic’s Look—Linda Woolven

Art of Life—Bob Ingram

A Poet’s Depression– Ajise Vincent

Commas—Wendy Davitt

Proclamation—Joan McNerney

Verb—Cindy Rinne (published in Life and Legends #4, July 2016)

The Man to Be Born—Michael Enevoldsen

the only thing you slept through—elena botts

Where Does the Devil Dwell—Rev. Jane Wenninger

Self (Three Poems) #2—Ananya Guha

At the Gallery, Piece #20—Diane DeGaetani

Levels of Ourselves—Mike Baldwin

Bedlamite—henry 7. reneau, jr.

See Myself– Anina Robb

Who Would Have Thought—Christa Pandey

Herbert Marcuse is Dead—John Guzlowski

Four Displays—Troy Camplin

Words– Nilandri Mihajan

The Broken Pact—Padmaja Iyengar

Self Perception– Bekah Steimal

All Lies in My Hands– Sunil Khemchandani

Skit Scat Wah—Jake…

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