Introducing Scott Thomas Outlar “Happy Hour Hallelujah”

Introducing Scott Thoms Outlar, a global poetry word weaving laureate whose words burn, enforce, affect, expose, intrigue and change our perception and reception of what is really happening in our global village. A voice of these times! Bravo!

Raja's Insight

Happy Hour Hallelujah front cover draft

Preface . . .

Ultimately, Happy Hour Hallelujah is a proclamation and celebration of life even while staring the suffering of existence squarely in the eyes. It is an affirmation of the Great Yes that art defiantly screams in the face of entropy’s existential core. It is a truth that seeks to puncture through deception. It is a fire that yearns to rise from out the ashes. It is the next step forward when all momentum seems to be at a standstill. It is a light piercing through the darkness. It is nothing more and nothing less than the expression of one man’s vision toward the future….

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