Coming Soon: Imperfect Paths Anthology

My third appearance in a CTU Anthology! #blessed

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for this publication

Imperfect Paths Contributors:

Foreword – Donna J. Sanders

Stolen Time – Tony Hicks

Whispers in the Shadows – Tony Hicks

Quest – Sarah Lamar King

Mirror – Sarah Lamar King

Snow Globe (the Year of the Divorce) – Maureen Buckley

 The Weight of the World – Maureen Buckley

I Clown – Don Beukes

Emergence – Don Beukes

Broken Mirror of Me – Baidha Fercoq

Courage – Baidha Fercoq

 Shattered Heart – Neha Talwar Tandon

 Spirit of Life – Neha Talwar Tandon

The Journey – Debasish Mishra

 Living for Love – Amanda J Evans

 Imperfectly Perfect – Amanda J Evans

AND SO – Elizabeth Deborah Cohen

Emptied – Brenda-Lee Ranta

 Things I Would Say – Brenda-Lee Ranta

My Father’s Son – Lynn White

Intertwined – Bonita Y. McCoy

Job Satisfaction – Vincent Van…

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