Showcase Spotlight #4: Irsa Ruci


irsa-ruci-a-light-from-heavenIrsa Ruçi is an Albanian Writer, Speechwriter and Lecturer. She was born in Tirana (Albania), in 1990. Her books of poetry include Trokas mbi ajër (poems and essays), 2008 and Pështjellim (poetry), 2010. So far in 2016, her work has appeared in more than 70 print and online national and international magazines and anthologies. Among many awards, she has received the first prize in poetry, in competition “Anthology 2007”, as the best poet in Albania. A recent interview she did with Walking Is Still Honest Press can be read here.

Love between Poets
The fragile heart of the poet, the love that hath flair…
Poets create special words which contain a power that can heal souls. They breathe between thoughts, view the world through the eyes of feelings, and understand reality as perceived by pure ideals that are born with intensity. They are the only beings who…

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