Divided Lines: A Review

Creative Talents Unleashed

e61bbd974765ad3d0b5d29fa43038631Poets see the world differently. It is bred within to observe everything around them and translate what they see into a group of words. These words reflect visual and emotional aspects that are meant to stimulate the minds of those who read them. Poets are also people who keep many feelings imprisoned, and writing gives their mental state some freedom. Deep thoughts are evoked through the process and unlike the chaos stirring in the world, poets can come together to create something beautiful without anarchy.

Divided Lines: A Poet’s Stance is one of those beautiful creations. Poets of many cultures have contributed their opinions, experiences and observations into one book with the intention of healing and bringing awareness to a wide audience. It is in a sense, a peaceful riot where each poem is on fire for the most passionate causes.

You can feel the agony of homelessness in Corey…

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