Redefining the canon — Radical art and craft of Kiriti Sengupta: Brief meditation on his book of prose poems: Reflections on Salvation by Sunil Sharma

Transcendent Zero Press

This excellent review impresses me most because it interweaves the author’s personal life as dentist with his work as author and poet. We see how the two different personalities are self-complimentary. One’s personal life is what one writes about, after all. I also appreciate the approach the reviewer takes concerning Sengupta’s anti-dogmatic worldview and his willingness to question the normal modes of thought. After all, this is what writers are inclined to do. The reader will see the intensity of imagination in Sengupta’s work through this masterful review.

–Dustin Pickering, publisher

Reflections on Salvation

Kiriti Sengupta

Published by Transcendent Zero Press [Houston, Texas] in July, 2016

ISBN: 9780996270465

Price: 8.00 US Dollars

Kiriti Sengupta, a dental surgeon from Kolkata, is industry-trained to deftly operate by digging deep into nano regions. Probing the rough surfaces in circular manner, inside-outside, in quick seconds within an open mouth, requires patience, observation and skill…

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