I Clown – Author Don Beukes

My third publication in a CTU Anthology.

Creative Talents Unleashed

Early childhood development

quite a daunting predicament,

Surrounded and protected by

adults – My sentinels elected,

No young minds to play with

or close friends to stay with –

My eyes observed the culture

of the era – Music blasting from

Abba and the eternal love from

a loving adopted mamma.

Early school days a nervous affair,

Comparing my lightly coloured curly

hair – Surveying my surroundings

with a nervous stare – Even my voice

was not always clear, hiding my insecure

fragile veneer – Bullies mocked sniggered

and sneered, exposing emotions most feared.

Teenage moments brought conflicting

components – Identity crises became my

inflicting nemesis – What to say how to

speak when to speak, calming my inner

freak – My forced smile masking my daily

inner grime – My inner clock sounding an

ominous constant chime.

I wore my expected social cloak – The daily drown of me…

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