Serenity Now

My debut publication in WISH Press

Walking Is Still Honest Press

A poem
by Don Beukes
In this ever-changing global
village, we still struggle
to feel as one – Some blame
religion, for others humanity
has not yet begun.
We all seek blissful inner serenity
a calm so sweet, peaceful longevity
a lasting reality – Dissident explosive
voices might hinder our free choices
but a shared mentality will surely
protect us from any dark disturbance,
even senseless brainwashed reverie.
We still aim to find eternal ataraxia,
the ultimate state of azure calmness
blissful mindfulness – Our history
still a murky mystery, our failed
human chemistry, blinded blurred
vision – The fallen bowing to
devastating submission
causing apocalyptic
We underestimate our human state
failing to utilize our destined fate –
Plagued by velvet wars, settling
selfish scores, influenced by false
self-appointed scarlet prophets
brainwashing us for their own
political profits
yet we somehow…

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