Raja Williams – The Heart and Soul of Creative Talents Unleashed

Meet the phenomenal CEO of Creative Talents Unleashed who with her creative vision and expertise has made dreams come true…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Most people will snub the idea of independent publishing in favor of the larger companies. For a writer, it is not that easy to become the next Maya Angelou or James Patterson; it is quite a competitive business. But Creative Talents Unleashed gives authors a chance to get involved with a tight knit community of writers and create opportunities for those who are just getting started.

Posting quotes, poetry, writing tips and prompts to the blog and social media sites through the course of the day, a writer can be filled with information and inspiration. Participants are also chosen randomly and their work is often highlighted in the Featured Writer category. A writer also has the chance to submit their work for contests and anthologies throughout the year. CTU is a place where any writer – amateur or professional – can share and hone their skills.

10274014_10203712411675660_4782713665679079941_nIt was a writer with…

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