Author Don Beukes: Je Suis ~ I am

My second excerpt from my debut collection. Follow the link to my Author page to own a copy!

Creative Talents Unleashed

My arrival in this galaxy perhaps

whispered through prophesy or even

shrouded in muted controversy –

Whatever predicted my existence

it could not prevent my shrieking

emergence into this alien world in

which I was pulled into, sucking in

choking gases whilst forcibly fed

man-made molasses –

Visual overload of exploding blinding

color, preventing me to really see the

true nature of humanity – Conditioned

to obey and develop all senses, my

sacred essence defensibly erected emotional

fences – Language acquisition tongue-twisted

bilingual capacity systematically stunted –

My expected motherly bond not immediately

found – This ancient philia would only

mature in a future year –

Emotional development ensuring my

long-lasting entrapment – Life’s broken tools

turning those around me into robotic fools,

Early achievements periodically praised

yet I stumbled along in life’s hazardous maze –

My identity revealed, breaking

the invisible shield

slight adjustment – Tuning

my disintegrating


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