Poet Phillip Mathew Roberts

Mimsi Flowers and Notions

Phillip Mathew Roberts is one of my favorite poets. His poetry is deep, and he uses symbolism to express his ideas and haunting thoughts that are discerned using exquisite interpretation that is not taken lightly. 

Many thanks Phillip for agreeing to be one of my guests. It is my pleasure to salute your talents.

Ladies and gents here is Phillip, please enjoy his poetry as much as I do.



At the crossroads where

Sisyphus planted an asphodel
Return silently this beloved space
born of clean Euclidean blankness
succulently tongue-marred by pens
dipped deep into non-responsive pupils
brimming black ink glossy as mirrors
reflecting unmeasurable distances.
Questions that lift delicate veils
boyishly as curiosity about the shape
that presses self into consciousness
–the vibrant scream now vintage,
poured sanguine into a single cup
filled once with maternity.
Approached through ways
uncertain and unremembered.
Roads that lead…

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