Shades of the Same Skin: Donovan Beukes

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Introducing Donovan Beukes

From: Cape Town, South Africa

Currently resides: Côte D’Amor, France

I was born, raised and educated in the last two decades of Apartheid at the most southern tip of the African continent, in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

As a ‘child of colour’ from mixed race heritage and a great-grandfather who was German, my family and I, along with millions of others from mixed race heritage, were lawfully identified as ‘coloured’ and the same for black people from a tribal cultural background and Indian people.

 This meant that ‘non-whites’ could not choose where to live or even go to a beach of their choice around our beautiful coastline.

 Despite being made invisible and made to feel as a lesser member of South African society by a divisive and racist government, I grew up in a loving Christian family home. I was given the confidence by…

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