Anthology Release: Poetic Shadows – Ink and the Sword

It’s here! Proud to appear in my 4th CTU Anthology…grab a copy if you want to support us and make publication dreams come true for debut writers, which is how I got published, by the sale of CTU Anthologies!

Raja's Insight

the-artForeword . . .

Thanks to poets and word-weavers such as these, and books such as this, I am incredibly lucky that my reality is shadowed with wonder and fantasy, brimming with adventure and mystery. Too many of us are warriors, fighting our own silent battles with the thought of victory salting our eyes and bringing hope to our battered hearts.

My body has never experienced the grueling determination of a joust, but my heart and mind know all too well the cheers of an excited crowd as my lance perfectly hits the target, knocking my opponent from his horse. And I should probably mention that I’ve never sat upon a horse. In fact, I’m terrified of them. I’ve never held a sword in my hands but somehow I know the Siberian and unyielding steel of Excalibur.

I like to think we all possess a touch of fantasy, to some…

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