Author Glenda Higgins: Story Teller Toes

Creative Talents Unleashed

Tell me your story

Old traveling friend

About orange trees

You have grown

For someone’s love


On approval

Starting with stepmothers

Who starve young boys

Leave long silences

For us to reflect

On what happened next

Or could have been

If things were different

Tell me your story

Trusting the caregiver

Who gives only greed

With our seeds grown orange

And round with need

In the child’s bright sun

Would it make more sense

To shut down shop

And never give out

And never to know

What to grow through

Oranges on trees

Made from new seeds

After all falls down

Breaking the trust

Leaving only rust

Let me reflect

In my tidal pool awhile

With cold water tickling

My child’s pink toes

When trees make shadows

On my inner woes

All mothers are steps

And some are so cruel

Where do they lead

On the way to school

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