Flash Fiction Trilogy – PART 3

For those of you who have followed my debut flash fiction trilogy…find out how it all ends for Em…for now😁 I give you…My Name is Em  Dear Self… It’s dark in here. Even the ivory, liquid walls have become eerily translucent. The red mist is starting to disintegrate. I am more aware of my surroundings. It’s been so long since you’ve guided me. ‘Are you there?’ My nails are bare from scratching the days, months and years on these doomed walls in this backstreet maze of my mind. Each pathetic attempt to escape the oval since I arrived as a child has been futile. It took some time to realise that I have been kept at bay in a vacuum with six corners. Only her serpent voice could be heard insie my head; instructing me, mocking me, preparing me. Over time I realised that my prison world was suspended above the ground; held up by a powerful magnetic force. I’ve given up trying to make sense of the peculiar tapping from within the far corner of my ivory prison. I’ve long suspected that I might not be the only one held captive here. All I could manage over the years was to use my cognitive abilities to try and reach the trapped mind beyond these walls. I’m positive that I’ve made a connection once; a long time ago, warning her to prevent the oracle from entering her consciousness. Even then, I sensed a strange familiarity with whoever is on the other side. I’ve become immune to the excrutiating pain caused by the nano gamdroelas unleased upon my body each indigo night; entering through these walls to penetrate my brain, hoping to dim my inner light – The source of my mental power to connect to other minds. It is this ability which allowed me to find an imperfect version of me at the age of ten. I had no option but to make her end her life through self-strangulation. I am now confident that she did not succeed, as it is she who I sense through these walls. Her existence fuels my persistence to eradicate the light within her, as she is the reason why I’m getting weaker. As long as she prevents the oracle from controlling her, I have a chance to end her and rejuvenate my core being. I must have passed out again. They’ve come back to torment me. That wretched red mist engulfing me, allowing the gamdroelas to continue their sole objective; my permanent annihilation. Unfortunately for them, I have managed to harness their mercurial power to reignite my core. It’s time. This has to end here. Their power will allow me to penetrate these walls. It happened in a split second. The red mist has cleared. I can see her clearly now after disintegrating the membrane seperating us. ‘Are you the voice in these walls? My eternal tormentor? But you are me!’ I had no sympathy for her, as I will live by ending her. ‘It will be painless. I’ve waited a lifetime for this. Don’t you recognise me?’ ‘It’s me. My name is Em…’©Don Beukes 2017Photo Credit © Pixabay.com Published in http://www.scarletleafreview.com/short-storiesdec2016/category/don-beukes

Source: Flash Fiction Trilogy – PART 3


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