Author Don Beukes: Bizarre Bazaar

My latest excerpt from my debut collection…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Surfing the wave of humanity

still drives us to repeated knee-jerking

insanity, regardless of lessons learnt

bridges burnt or new life forms found –

We imprison, spread confusion

conjure up utopian illusion even

losing our intended human function –

Greedily gorging ourselves on

rotten ideas and sour

fermented fears

at the daily global force-fed

luncheon, the bitter the

sweet ravenously yearning for

some savory promised

treats – whilst those waiting

outside for kind

scraps choke on brittle bones

blaming scheming political fat

cats terrorizing socially

deprived starving rats –

Hiding each self-inflicted

scar in humanity’s

daily chaotic

bizarre bazaar –

Our countdown lives lived

in controlled paralysis

struggling to climb out of

this man-made abyss

aching to comprehend

willing to furiously defend

our intended purpose

brandishing literary weapons

canvasing for elected lame

leaders to voluntarily confess

their failed fantasy

kingdom mess –

Targeted votes to gain at

the next freak…

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