Author Tony Hicks: Stolen Time

Creative Talents Unleashed

I live deep in her shadow

walking just one step behind,

Kept safe by her unknowing

while living on her stolen time.

So, I wait alone in the darkness

waiting for you to steal time,

Time for love before you’re missed

time to commit our old crime.

But you are so the master thief

spinning tales of an honest life,

Raising yet again my dying belief

of me as your good and loving wife.

But your tale’s have grown thin

thin as my old maid’s grey hair,

Leaving me with but stale sins

and her with such unknown cares.

Yet, I have played the worse part

believing your played out lies,

Giving them a warm truthful heart

as summer beneath her blue sky.

So, now after all these stolen years

we must part only as friends,

Strange, how your love now sears

and I the one betrayed in the end.

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