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Play me the flute of life´s repute,

Of all that´s good, of love & compassion,

The music of all that´s beyond refute,

Of loves platonic & those of passion.

Play me the sitar of gentle chantings,

Of all that´s faith & all that´s God,

Of the gentle earth & all our plantings,

Of life in water, sky & humble sod.

Play me the drums of ancestors old,

Of all who have passed & those to come,

Resounding messages of nations bold,

Echoing past the moon into the arms of the sun.

Play me the lute, guitar, mandolin, penny-whistle,

Pluck me, strum me & beat me the tune,

Serenade the rose, the oak, the wind-blown thistle,

So all may dance beneath the crystal moon.

But of all the symphonies I wish to hear,

Is that of your voice, now long gone,

Listening with my heart & not…

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