On Time (and our modifications)


There are only so many hours in each day,
but we can always stretch the truth
(at least a little)
until it snaps;
and karma
is a (rubber) band of light.
We drink these vital juices
straight from the navel of ancient garden.
There may be worms
in a few bad apples,
but when the holy womb bursts
we sip nectar
from the fountain of youth;
granted rest,
despite our war
with lying clocks.

Spring forward on righteous Sunday. Rise early to praise the sun. Sending all these birds into a flurry. Waking up the blooms upon each branch.
I do believe in purity. I have grown so hardened. For a good cause, I hope…
Songs of a Dissident, my chapbook released through Transcendent Zero Press, is available here on Amazon. I’d like to thank everyone who has read the collection, as well as…

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