My Book is on Sale!

Introducing a phenomenal writer with a riveting poetic prose creation which will leave you wanting more! Cinematic, realistic, frantic, breathtakingly awesome!

Philip Elliott | Author

My book Dreaming in Starlight (CTU Publishing Group) has just been released and is available to buy on Amazon here, but I recommend buying it here as delivery is cheaper. If you do buy it, firstly, thank you so much, secondly, please leave a review on Amazon after you’ve read it, even if it’s just one sentence & you hated it!

Dreaming in Starlight is a prose collection of fictional dreaming-in-starlight-front-cover-2letters from a 26-year-old Southern American named Jeremiah John Watts, who, fleeing a chaotic world he couldn’t understand, sought solace in the solitude of deep, mountainous woods. Four months later, Jeremiah is dead, killed by the biggest forest fire the region has seen in fifty years. All that remains is a box of letters written to the ghosts of his past, letters that, gradually, build a portrait of a life filled with mistakes, heartbreak, sickness, and regret, as well as…

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