One&Only Cape Town is for everyone

A pity there’s no pictures but still a good read

AHHH list

I love Cape Town as much as the next wine-mad, coffee-drinking, selfie-taking 20-something, but any visit to the Mother City needs to be practical and planned.
Every time I get to trade the City of Gold for a view of Table Mountain, I need to fit so much into my itinerary (whether it’s for work or for myself) that the idea of luxury accommodation doesn’t even make a beep on my radar.
But last week I discovered that a pampered hotel stays in Cape Town is a rare treat – especially at the One&Only Cape Town.
It is synonymous with luxury and the only cars that enter these gates are wheels for the well-heeled – so on the surface, it’s not a place for someone who still shops for clothes on credit.
It’s a six-star oasis where everything slows down – so much that for brief moments the beauty of…

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