Tour the arts in Joburg for R20

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While the world is applauding South African gentrified neighbourhoods like Jozi’s Maboneng and Woodstock in Cape Town, historical spaces aren’t taking a back seat.

In Johannesburg, on-foot city tours are popular leisure activities allowing people complete urban emersion in a guided way. Two weeks ago The Market Theatre launched their brand new tour through its Newtown precinct.

It joins a few established tours that focus the lens on alternative spaces, sometimes underexplored areas with a rich history and an unfortunate reputation.

The joy of these tours is that the history, combined with the modern-day use of the city, creates an exciting experience where you don’t need artisanal coffee to make it better. These tours are unapologetic, some gritty – but all important. Here’s the rundown of not-to-be-missed excursions in the City of Gold.


The Market Theatre’s history goes back a long time. The Edwardian structure…

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