Author Don Beukes – Battle for Vygieskraal

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Battle for Vygieskraal

In a distant subterranean land far below

the hissing lava lake beyond the whispering

hills of Matroosfontein, a treacherous battle

ground awaits an unknown Bloekomboom

army, awakened by an ancient urgent cry

to prevent eternal annihilation from an enemy

sinister – As the blood from the chaos raging

above drips down to feed the ravenous determined

gamdroelas, each bloekomboom chose a destined

target to hunt down and destroy to save the kingdom

of Vygieskraal, aware that this would be the deciding

final battle to rid the Vygieskraalians once and for all

of this deadly destructive familiar enemy.

With combined power of thought sourced from

essence of tamboerskloof, each bloekomboom

advanced towards clear and charcoal danger – Their

final enemy no distant stranger, for within each damned

gamdroela dwells a fallen disgraced bloekomboom

captured by sangoma magic to destroy their own – The

why and…

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