Author Angela Bertoli – The Breach

Another CTU poet…

Raja's Insight

My heart is in peril,

The breach of trust stings.

My head spins with doubt,

Over millions of things.

Have I lost my wits?

Am I daft like you say?

I’m confused in my head,

On my mind, tricks play.

Give me that moment,

A respite from pain,

My peace has been lost,

Your lies are my bane.

I reach deep inside,

For a dim spark of light,

But the darkness so black,

It hampers my sight.

There’s only once choice,

The tethers I’ve cut,

I thought I’d gone mad,

But it’s you that’s the nut.

© Angela M Bertoli


Excerpt from the book “Moonlit Thoughts”


About the Author

 Angela Bertoli is the mother of two and grandmother of two. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona along with the rest of her family. In her spare time she likes to travel, write, play games and read. Her future is open to…

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