Author Brian L. Evans – Onyx Blood

Creative Talents Unleashed

Born on the circle of the sun

my innocence was kissed

by a melanin mist

that came up from the ground

and blackened my skin.

My armor from the sun

Could not protect me from

my whiter brother

from another Mother-

Nature, who always favors the fittest

genetically speaking

we disrespect our own species

by favoring means over genes

and homes over chromosomes.

Selling our souls for fool’s gold

all we’ve known is what we’ve been told.

Instead of reading a book

we get baited and hooked

on the ignorance,

which becomes our reality

TV Housewives and Hip Hop.

While our lives play out on cryptic screens

it’s hard to see behind the scenes

The War on Drugs–police brutality

so what we’ve been

is what we shall be.

Our history

written with the ink of onyx blood

has spilled onto the pages of our present.

Killing, lynching, spraying, beating,


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