Poet of the Month: Lyne Beringer

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lyneApril 2017 Poet of the Month

Lyne Beringer fell into writing during the winter of 1976.  Her father had moved the family to an Air Force base twenty miles outside of Fairbanks Alaska, where there wasn’t much to do other than find trouble…and she did.  Lyne spent a great deal of time grounded to her bedroom, while outside the dark, cold temperatures offered no escape and no excitement. Left with four walls, a set of headphones, and a rebellious nature, Lyne began to spill words all over her neatly line notebook paper.  40 years later and the words keep spilling.

Lyne lives and writes in Fairbanks Alaska, and is author of the book “Alaskan Vogue..Poetry from the Land of Ice and Shadows.”  Her poetry can also be found in the Anthology, “Poetic Shadows, Ink and the Sword,” both published by CTU Publishing Group.

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