Next Steps for Haus of Liberated Reading’s Upcoming Twin Anthology

Haus of Liberated Reading

In February we issued our initial ‘soft’ call out for contributors to our upcoming twin anthology (the title of which will be revealed next year) in order to gauge initial interest. We’re pleased to say we have already received a number of submissions and now we’d like to issue some more information for you – consider this the official ‘hard’ call out.

In the works for some time, writer and poet Siana Bangura, will be editing a twin anthology of writing by Black writers from across the African diaspora. This upcoming work aims to be global – we want writers and voices represented from across the gender, geographical, cultural and thought spectrum.

We are looking for thought-provoking, intelligent, and well-written essays to form the heart of the collection, as well as a handful of short stories and a select number of poems to tie the work together. This body of…

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