FREE/$100 Prize weekly poetry contest @ Poetry Nook, DEADLINE: Every Sunday

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

This exceptional weekly contest by Poetry Nook is in its 128th week! Each week a poetry entry will be selected by Poetry Nook editors to win a generous $100 prize! In some cases, honorable mentions of $10 each may also be awarded. In order to enter, just register on their site. I’ve just completed the process and it was easy and doesn’t seem to be one of those sites that will send you tons of emails.

Once your registered, just click the blue ‘Compete’ button at the bottom of the Poetry Contest page, enter the title of your poem, and the text of your poem. That’s it!

Per their contest page, “Any type of poem is welcome! Formal or informal, long or short, rhyme or free verse—we like all kinds of poems. Results will be announced within three days of the contest end and posted in the contest winners’ forum.”

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