Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Salty Thoughts…

You before me
You drank poses
Within the alcohol

Me after you
Me heals bruises
Without any liquor

By salty thoughts
We lit moon light
To smoke sleepiness

What’s up next?
Map to pleasure
Cuddling eand kissing.

Let us Smoke Freedom…

Today is the illegal
Way to free ourselves
From Government rules,

Made from known slaves
Who count us as if we are
Numbers of dusty shelves.

Let us smoke freedom
Without a chosen leader
Nor a success ladder,

Look at yourself now
Smoking will not be a dateline
For a decision to tomorrow.

Roll your Marijuana
Inhale towards your lungs
Nothing you can but enjoy it,

Keep your hand high fiving
To all the highest and weakest
Dudes dancing by drunk smoke.

My Confuses

It is almost over the past
Tomorrow will start soon
Therefore, I decided to
Share my is confusing now


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