Violin – Author Donna J. Sanders

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Entranced by the movements

of your flexible bow

filling me with temptations

as your uncurled hair sings

I salivate after the curves

of your varnished ribs

longing to caress the neck

upon which scrolls soar

Oh dear violin

how you seduce my heart

with your constricted strings

melodies too savory

for my soul

© Donna J. Sanders

 Excerpt from the book “Poetic Melodies”

poetic-melodiesPreface . . .

There is a human language that encompasses the globe, regardless of race, color, creed or country. Much the same way as laughter or tears, or any of our human emotions. When we see someone laugh, there is a universal language that is communicated by all of us. We know they are happy. Just as when we see someone crying, it is generally accepted to mean they are, most likely, sad. However, the language I am referring to goes beyond…

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