The Wedding – Author Glenda Higgins

Raja's Insight

Running through wildflowers

Knee-high and white

Little black sputnik birds

Fast on yellow feet

A miniature meadow

For fairies and wood folk

Out for a stroll too

Unseen in the glowing green

Pirouettes with daisies

The earth’s wedding bouquet

As she marries summer

For another year

Promises made in sunlight

Among the yellow and white

Stretching to the sea

Inspected by pigeons

And ocean birds

Inland for awhile

Trumpeters with fish breath

And beguiling smiles

Running through wildflowers

Knee-high and white

While the earth marries summer

And gives up the night

© Glenda Higgins

Glenda Higgins

Excerpt from the book “Poetry in Motion”

Glenda Higgins

About the Author 

Glenda spent her early work in libraries – ten years in various positions, including cataloguing, which launched her on a favorite pastime of reading everything under the sun.

 Her start as a poet surprised her. She took a poetry-writing course. Two hundred poems wrote themselves in…

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