Introducing Bevan Boggenpoel “Confessions in Ink”

Introducing fellow South African Bevan Boggenpoel with his international debut collection…

Creative Talents Unleashed

ConfessionsIn Ink

Foreword . . .

It is an honour for me to introduce fellow South African and a unique weaver of words to the global literary community, Mr Bevan Boggenpoel. I first noticed Boggenpoel when he posted a spiritual poem, which I thought would be a good fit for Spirit Fire Review Journal and subsequently advised Boggenpoel on the mechanics involved to submit internationally, as I realised how talented he was. We became very good friends and I realised that his work is destined for great things.

Boggenpoel’s ability to speak to his community and indeed a nation in two languages after his debut South African collection in December 2016 published by Selwyn Milborrow of Milborrow Media and Publishing; is testimony to his literary vision to also communicate to a global audience, writing about universal themes such as racism, oppression, love, hate, culture, politics, dystopian society, spirituality and much more; which…

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