Threads – Author Sue Lobo

Creative Talents Unleashed

10178017_804454609627644_6425458684739882367_n Photo Credit: Lili Saatchi




From umbilical cord, of the mother´s womb of life,

Joined in love, through joys & equal days of strife,

Threads uniting in strings of aura & in family, binds,

Tying us up, on life´s path & on long journeyed lines.

We talk of threads, of cotton, wool, silk, satin & yarn,

Those spun on looms, to sew, knit & some used to darn,

And those skeins of golden hair that turn to silver snow,

As life´s journey proceeds, the threads of love to grow.

Those threadings of tiny spiders & silken gossamer webs,

Dawn´s songs trilling in ribbons, from wee sun-risen nebs,

The breath of Angel´s breathing, on morning misty wisps,

The call of baby´s voices, escaping from rose-bubbled lips.

And the last old cord uniting us to solid & earthbound life,

The ectoplasmic thread, severed by death´s sharpened knife,

Releasing us from…

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