December 20, 2011 – Real Life Event – Author Christena AV Williams

Creative Talents Unleashed

Do I fear death?

Death was before me


Counting seconds of my life

There I was facing judgment

Like votes in a ballot

Was I to live or die?

Cash pot and lucky five

Could not save me

All I Got was God watching me

My heart pounding

But still, I was calm

Not fearful

But wondering

What my end was to be

And finally,

When the gun man got what

He wanted

I could see fear in his eyes

His voice Tremble

He only took vanity

And left me with the greatest Gift,

Life on December 20, 2011.


© Christena AV Williams

Excerpt from the book “Imperfect Paths”

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How many people can say they have not walked on rough terrain to get to where they are today? Most of…

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