Rise of the Holes – Author Raja Williams

From my multi-talented publisher Raja Williams…

Creative Talents Unleashed

When you left, I dug a hole. Digging deep into the layers of

my emptiness. I lost my value, loss my love, loss my

strength, loss my clarity, and all of my essence.

The deeper I dug the more I realized I allowed you to fill

my holes. Unconsciously I did not see that part of you

makes me feel my value as separate from me; I see it as

part of you filling my holes with hope and destiny.

I felt “we fit each other” feeling fully complete, a unified

whole, one that could sustain the dissatisfaction of us being

incomplete. I filled you, and you filled me, together

creating our own sustainability.

And now my holes are caving and shaking with fear

knowing you are no longer here. I feel the emptiness and I

take stride, the memory of what was lost, and knowing my

essence will start…

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