Diary of an Oracle – Author Don Beukes

My first fantasy/adventure publication in this phenomenal anthology…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Sekueb Nodmai – Wisdom is not bestowed on just any inherited ancient crown but one such king is what the stones have predicted eons ago – No amount of dark spells whispered by cursed wretched vindictive elves could prevent his imminent foretold crowning – As the subjects of his kingdom were slowly morally drowning, he alone could make them atone for even sins unknown – Great was his task to unite three war-torn kingdoms at last and restore royal order after vicious centuries of failed fatal missions and blurred horrid visions – Now began a new era with echoes of a people spreading their desperate cry to a monarch known as His Eminence,  Sekueb Nodmai…

Eniamrahc – A royal maiden, her foretold mission no more hidden –  A newly crowned ruler revealing his fatherly instruction to claim her birthright secret from a legendary elusive oracle – A liberating legendary key…

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