Three Years into the Journey…

An influential voice of these times…


This month marks the three-year anniversary of when my first poem was published by Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice in June of 2014. Since that time, I’ve remained a weekly contributor on the Sunday Poetry Page of the newsletter. An archive of my work can be found here. I’ve also poured my time and energy into finding as many other venues as possible where my work can be read. Which has led, so far, to over 1,200 of my poems appearing in more than 250 magazines, journals, indie zines, online blogs, broadsides, newspapers, and anthologies. When a door swings open, it is my intention to run straight through it. For this reason, I do my best to stay in sprinting shape.
GPExportPhoto-0011 (2)
I do, however, send out considerably fewer submissions now than I did in the beginning. My efforts of late are directed more toward the publications where I serve…

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